vrijdag, april 21, 2017

SuperEstudio Barcelona has no respect for Intellectual Property

The Barcelona and Santander based company Superestudio is selling very nice Pillow Cases. Already for about a year. Maybe longer. No idea, but from the moment I saw this company using my image I started to try and reach them. Sent e-mails and tried to leave messages on their website and suddenly they do not seem to speak any foreign language any more. No answer at all. Not on my several e-mails. No sign of life at all. Okay point taken. No respect for others. No respect for artist. No respect for creativity, No respect for others at all. And above all no respect for the Law.

I am a man that counts as being ... well ... lets call me a softy. I am sweet with animals, love my wife and daughter. And even maybe as I am a little overweight I could easily pass for a gentle bear. For I also always tend to measure both sides of a medal. Reasonable one could call this attitude, but what these F**kers are doing makes me sick and mad.

Sometimes I am afraid I can't handle this kind of emotional rage but I really need to in order to stay healthy. So to let of some of the rage against this sort of rotten machines I have decided to go public on my battle against these rotten to the bone companies. Probably tis will be held against me in some court, but let's face it. I do have so much proof of me trying to reach them because of every single screenshot I made I think they will have to hire a very good lawyer to prove otherwise. So people, sweet people. One really meant advise to you. Avoid Superestudio Barcelona and Santander in any language. They stink to a very high extend and I am being nice now. And I very much hope this is a message that does enter into their silly little brains. For verification and to have a glance of what kind of work I make please visit : http://www.edart.nl. Thanks !

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